The city’s plans to develop 516 Bergen and 546 Dean Streets

The North Prospect Height Association currently advocates to make sure the development of two neighborhood lots align with community needs and concerns.

The City owns two sites, the former NYC Department of Housing, Preservation, and Development (HPD) Brooklyn headquarters, on Bergen and Dean Streets between 6th Ave. and Carlton.  HPD now proposes to rezone and develop these sites as affordable housing for seniors and other groups in need.  The Prospect Heights community strongly supports the creation of deeply affordable senior housing.   However, HPD proposes using zoning that will allow buildings as tall as eight stories.  A change to zoning for these projects risks triggering further zoning changes to the neighborhood.  

The Dean Street site is also adjacent to an existing, heavily-used playground.  Development at this site presents an opportunity to increase public open space in a neighborhood that, given current development, has a profound deficit of open space.  The proposal does not consider this opportunity but rather uses the site to bring additional density to an already overtaxed neighborhood.

There is a need to create affordable homes for seniors in our neighborhood.  But this community has also borne the burden of massive development at Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park without seeing a vast majority of promised jobs and affordable housing units—including an earlier still unfulfilled pledge of 10% affordable housing set aside for seniors. And now this community is doing all it can to ensure our voices are heard and our demands for truly affordable housing are met.

 We ask for your support:

  • We strongly support the creation of deeply affordable senior housing. 
  • We believe any new development must conform to existing R6B zoning.  We are additionally concerned that any change to the zoning of mid-block sites may generate changes to zoning across a broader area.
  • One of the two sites is immediately adjacent to an existing playground.  It is our hope the city recognizes and values this rare opportunity to increase public open space in an area that will have a profound open space deficit.

We believe that by working together with the City,  we can create affordable homes for seniors in our neighborhood in a way that aligns with the needs of our whole community.  

NPHA’s August Monthly Meeting

Please join us for our monthly meeting to discuss the future of NPHA. We want to hear from you as we embark on a new phase.

We started less than 2 years ago, with a mission to focus on how our community can more effectively respond to the burgeoning development that impacts our day-to-day lives. In meeting together for the first year, we realized that there are many more issues that neighbors want to discuss. And, of course, this year has been a difficult one for many of us, as we have lost jobs, loved ones, and habits that gave us life and kept us busy. For some of us, the space has created a re-envisioning of our lives, priorities, and needs. While we have been isolated from our usual routines and loved ones because of the pandemic, we have also seen a heartening display of community connections in our Mutual Aid groups and meetings, Open Streets, and protests.

We have spent the last two months in joint conversation with the GPHMA group to discuss race and policing in our neighborhood. We would like to continue those discussions. We would also like to hear more from you about what you would like NPHA to focus on.

  • What needs do you have that you would like to be addressed?
  • What conversations do you think should take place in our neighborhood?
  • How can we more effectively get to know one another? Especially now?
  • How can we more effectively connect and communicate with one another? 

Perhaps you’d like to join the Board or an existing committee, start and lead a new committee, our share your talents and skills.   Perhaps you’d like to lead fun neighborhood activities. Bring your ideas and invite a neighbor!  This is your community too and we value your input.  Feel free to simply attend the general membership and become informed.  More importantly, all are welcome!

Please join us Monday, August 17th at 7 PM as we initiate these discussions and talk about North Prospect Heights Association’s future.

The North Prospect Heights Association Board:

Alyssa Keil, Interim Co-President
Linda Wilson, Interim Co-President
Sharlene Dantzler, Co-Secretary
Lynette Field, Co-Secretary
Louis Galdieri
Cathy Iselin
Peter Krashes
Donald Matheson
Susan Marcus
Robert Puca
Elaine Weinstein

To join our August 17th meeting please REGISTER HERE

Maya Wiley joins our conversation Thursday

This week, together with Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Group, we will continue with our series on race and policing with Maya Wiley, MSNBC Legal Analyst, SVP for Social Justice at The New School, and former Chair of NYC’s Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB).

Date:  Thursday, July 30 @ 8 PM
Access Link

If you have any thoughts or reflections about these conversations, please share them with us at or

Please join us for our monthly meeting Monday, July 20th!

Join us to discuss the challenges tenants face, and major changes to the neighborhood that are about to enter public processes.  We’ll also provide an update on our ongoing discussion about race and the police which we co-sponsor with the Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Group.

As always, our monthly meetings are open and public, and we welcome input into our agenda.  Please reach out to us with any suggestions.

Are you having trouble making rent? Are you worried that you are facing eviction?  Are you wondering what your rights as a tenant are?

New York State’s moratorium on evictions is being modified and narrowed.  On July 27th, Brooklyn housing court is preparing to resume in-person eviction cases for those pending cases that were filed before March 16.

Because of the COVID Rent Relief Program, for a window in time, tenants can find help with their rent.

We’ll discuss the current status of the moratorium, the COVID Rent Relief Program, and rights for tenants generally.

Our weekly conversation about race and the police co-sponsored with the Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Group is ongoing.  

Our conversations will continue to take place on Thursday nights.  What topics do you think need to be addressed?

Notes on previous conversations can be found here:

Mayor de Blasio has announced that New York City will resume its review processes for zoning changes.  And HPD’s development of lots on Dean and Bergen,  and the up-zoning of northern Prospect Heights and Crown Heights called M-Crown are both going to proceed through these processes soon.

NYC Housing Preservation and Development, (HPD), has told us they will begin community outreach in August, and that they plan to pursue zoning changes with one lot including a minimum of 80 senior housing units, or roughly twice what is currently allowable in one lot with current zoning. There will be community facilities and services in both lots.  They’ve asked us to work with them on community outreach.

We’ll share what we know about HPD’s plans, how they fit with the principles  we adopted several years ago, and discuss our next steps.

We’ll also provide an update about M-Crown.  In Prospect Heights M-Crown will lead to the upzoning of Atlantic Avenue including the McDonald’s lot (+).  M-Crown will lead to the greatest changes in Prospect Heights since Atlantic Yards.

Both M-Crown and the HPD lots are located in North Prospect Heights.

NPHA  July Meeting

Date:  Monday, July 20 @ 7 PM
Registration Link (Zoom)Agenda:  Tenants: rent and evictions; Update on our conversation about race and the police; Community Development Committee reports on HPD, M-Crown and Atlantic Yards; Rodent update

Please register in advance to ensure a prompt start.  NPHA’s monthly general meetings are always open to the public.  Along with our email distributions, we share information within the association via SLACK.

To contact us:

Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Meeting

Date: Tuesday, July 21 @ 6 PM
Access Link:
Dial In: +16465588656,,95410211649# 
Meeting ID: 95410211649Agenda:
1).  Empire State Development (ESD)
2).  Atlantic Yards Community Development Corp, (AYCDC)
3).  Barclays Center
4).  Greenland Forest City Partners

Note:  This meeting is run by Empire State Development.  If the meeting is run as previously, questions must be submitted in writing in advance or during the meeting itself.  NPHA will submit questions.  Please let us know at if you have concerns or questions you want addressed.

New leadership; policing in Prospect Heights

Thank you to everyone who joined in our meeting last night. The discussion about our experiences and feelings involving the police presence in Prospect Heights was as needed as it was moving, and we are incredibly grateful for everyone who contributed to the conversation. As promised, below is information on the various follow up items that came out of yesterday’s call:

NPHA leadership and elections  

NPHA is dedicated to outreach and community participation.  Because of the challenge of holding an election during the emergency conditions produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, we postponed our annual board election this spring and scheduled a new election for this upcoming October.  After a year of hard work helping NPHA build, Cathy Iselin and Elaine Weinstein have stepped down as Co-Presidents of NPHA.  They remain on the NPHA board.  Our new interim Co-Presidents are Alyssa Keil and Linda Wilson.  If you are interested in learning more about our board, or how you can join, please let us know!

Slack channel

NPHA members use SLACK to share information and ideas with each other.  You can join our Slack channel by emailing us at the address below.

Next Meeting Re: Policing in Prospect Heights

We are very excited about continuing last night’s conversation at another meeting. We are working on finalizing possible times for our next meeting and will be following up shortly. Additionally, if you have any other thoughts on the current state of policing in the neighborhood or possible ways we can move forward that you would prefer to share directly with the Board, feel free to respond to us at the email below.

Community Development Committee Meeting 

Everyone is welcome to join the Community Development Committee.  It will meet Monday, June 22nd at 7 PM.   It will discuss new information from HPD about development at its two sites, as well as Atlantic Yards and M-Crown.  Details to follow.

All the best,
The North Prospect Heights Association Board

NPHA’s June Virtual Meeting

Please join NPHA on June 15th at 7pm for a virtual meeting to discuss:

  • Your opinion on the increased police presence in our neighborhood
  • Interactions you have had with the police in the neighborhood, historically and currently
  • NYPD’s lack of use of required PPE (face masks)

During the last three weeks, Prospect Heights has seen an exponential increase in police presence and activity, and no one can deny that this has had an impact on our environment and lives. Our neighborhood has been a center for the protests that have swept the world around police brutality and racial injustice. It is stirring to see neighbors step out of their homes to applaud protesters as they pass by.  Many of us are joining in the protests. In response to the protests, parts of the northern part of Prospect Heights are barricaded off from others.  Some of us are asked to show IDs.  Sidewalks have been blocked off at major intersections for police barricades.

North Prospect Heights Association has signed onto a neighborhood letter to Mayor de Blasio that decries the escalation in police response to protest activity, asks for a ban on the requirement of government-issued identification to access our homes, and for the freedom to roam for residents and non-residents alike.  It also asks for meaningful engagement with local community and civic organizations where protest activity is taking place, to allow local residents to dictate what safety should look like.

We want to hear from the community about their feelings and experiences regarding the police officers and barricades now stationed on our blocks. While we encourage all neighbors to voice their opinions, we particularly hope to center the voices and experiences of our black and brown neighbors who often absorb the brunt of aggressive and unjust police behavior.

Please join us this coming Monday.   If you cannot make the meeting, or you would like to share ideas or concerns in advance, please email us at

DATE: Monday, June 15th
TIME: 7:00 PM
AGENDA:  Protests for racial justice and their implications for our neighborhood.To join the conversation, please register for our discussion on Zoom by following this link.


Monday, July 13th (tentative)

Join Us in Decrying Racism and Police Brutality

Join North Prospect Heights Association in signing an individual and organizational letter to Mayor de Blasio that responds to protests against harsh and unjust policing, and calls for NYPD accountability.

The members of our association work hard to make our neighborhood a vital and welcoming place for everyone.  Both the COVID-19 pandemic and recent  episodes of police brutality captured on camera have spotlighted structural racism and economic injustice in our neighborhood and our country.  Our response to these inequities to join with the protesters to affirm: Black Lives Matter.

From the letter: “As organizations who have committed to ensuring that our neighborhoods remain places where commerce, retail, livability and safety are actualized, we will not settle for harsh policing as the answer — not now, not in our neighborhoods, and not in our City.”

Among other steps, the letter calls for a de-escalation in response to protesters and respect for their rights, meaningful engagement with local community and civic organizations where protest activity is taking place, and a commitment to reduce the NYPD’s almost 6 billion budget in this time of economic crisis so that crucial services, programs and infrastructure are not reduced.

Along with NPHA, other organizational signatories are the Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Society, the PS9 Parent-Teachers Association, Crown Heights North Association, Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Mutual Aid, Boerum Hill & Downtown Brooklyn Mutual Aid.

Read the letter and sign on.


Atlantic Yards / Pacific Park Quality of Life Meeting
DATE: Tuesday, June 9, 2020
TIME: 6:00 PM
Via Zoom Virtual Conferencing
Dial In: +16465588656,,97823735305#
Meeting ID: 97823735305Do you have concerns about the project’s plans or implementation?  Is construction causing problems for your family?Please send Project related questions and suggested agenda items

NPHA’s May Virtual Meeting

With our families and our neighborhood facing so many new challenges, it is inspiring to see the volunteer spirit that has risen to meet needs.

Join us for our virtual meeting on Monday, May 18th.  We’ll introduce the organizers of Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid and discuss their efforts.  Our members will also have an opportunity to share their concerns and ideas about how COVID-19 is impacting our neighborhood.

We’ll also discuss M-Crown, which includes the most significant up zoning of residential and commercial square feet in Prospect Heights since Atlantic Yards was first approved in 2006.  Community Board 8 and the Department of City Planning have announced a multi-agency study to assess infrastructure needs within 1/2 mile of the project which extends east from Vanderbilt Avenue.

Like so much activity nowadays, our meeting will take place using an online platform.  We have chosen Webex which we are told will be used by Community Board 8 moving forward.  It may make joining the meeting easier if you run through the process early.  You can download the Webex app here.  If this process inhibits you from joining our meeting, please reach out to us at

DATE: Monday, May 18th
TIME: 6:00 PM
AGENDA:  Prospect Heights Mutual Aid; Ideas to help our neighborhood; M-Crown rezoning.  This meeting will take place virtually using Webex. You can join using video or telephone.

For video, click “Join meeting” below for a direct link using the meeting number and password info.  To join by phone, call the number and follow instructions.

Join meeting

Meeting number (access code): 791 928 507
Meeting password: hmXJ3J2MPN6 (46953526 from phones and video systems)
Join by phone
Tap to call in from a mobile device (attendees only)
+1-408-418-9388 United States Toll
Global call-in numbers
Join from a video system or application
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.
Join using Microsoft Lync or Microsoft Skype for Business
Need help? Go to

NPHA’s Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Monday, May 18th
Monday, June 15th (tentative)
Monday, July 13th (tentative)


COVID-19 Resources and Updates for Prospect Heights

The circumstances of the last few weeks have been at once heart wrenching and inspiring.

We’d like to thank all those working to assist the most needy at this time, most especially our health care workers who put their lives at risk daily.  But there are also the teachers who have scrambled to bring their classes online, the store keepers arranging deliveries for the elderly, and all the many volunteers contributing in the ways they can.

The number one thing we can all do is a maintain a minimum social distance of six feet to lessen the load on our health care system.

And please remember to fill out the census today if you have not already done so!  It will take you 5 minutes.

This is the third of our coronavirus emails to our membership.  Due to an ever-changing list of resources, and advice we will continue to forward information as it comes to us.  The content of previous emails is posted on our website

The following new information is a selection from the Mayor’s Office for Community Affairs, our local elected officials Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo, Assembly Member JoAnne Simon, and District Leader Olaniki Alabi, as well as Community Boards 6 and 8.  Thanks also to the NYPD Community Affairs, Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Group and The Sara Smith Garnet PTO for their resource guides, and the North Flatbush Business Improvement District for its resources and updates.

Please stay healthy and well!

The North Prospect Heights Association board


For all the ways NYers can get and help with all issues related to COVID-19, NYC has established a new website.

NYC DOH’s COVID-19 website includes recent guidance and case data.

Sara Smith Garnet Parents Teachers Association has assembled a comprehensive resource guide for Prospect Heights parents.

Prospect Heights & Surrounding Areas Mutual Aid / Services group has formed to help provide support for neighbors.  To sign up to volunteer or to help identify a need fill out this form.


For any questions about symptoms, or to get tested for the coronavirus, call your primary care provider or an urgent care center.  Please remember to call before visiting.  If you do not have a primary care provider, NYS’s hotline is 1-888-364-3065, or call 311.  Symptoms of COVID-19 can be found here.

NYC COVID-19 Engagement Portal is available in 11 languages and allows New Yorkers to self-report COVID-19 information and will help NYC both better communicate with affected people and identify areas that may need enhanced response.  Inputs are confidential.  People without internet access or who need help can call 311.

General guidance for all New Yorkers, including information on best practices if someone in your household is sick can be found here.

Emotional support services are available.  New Yorkers can call the COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314 for mental health counseling.  Prospect Heights psychotherapist Christine Schmidt is offering free zoom support groups limited to 10 participants twice weekly throughout April.  Email for info and a zoom invitation.


The MTA is running essential service only so health care workers, first responders, and other essential personnel can get where they need to go.  They are running as much service as they can with the crews who are healthy and available to work, but service on many lines is limited.

From the MTA:  Please: If you’re not traveling for work related to an Essential Business, or for urgent personal business like a medical appointment, do not use the subway or take the bus. We need to keep our limited capacity available for people who must travel.

Citbike offers free 30-day memberships for critical workforce response to COVID-19.


Senior Centers are phasing out grab and go meals.  Meals will be delivered instead. Seniors should call their local senior center for more information.  The Senior Center Meal Provision is here.Schools
The New York City Department of Education is committed to making three free meals available daily for all NYC children.

  • Beginning March 23, meals will be distributed at more than 400 sites across the city.
  • Three meals a day, including breakfast, will be available to all NYC children
  • Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 1:30 pm at locations across the city.
  • Use DOE’s site lookup tool to find a location near you!

Other Resources
Lack of access to telephones and the internet are hurdles for many.  Reach out to us, local community boards 2, 6 and 8 or the offices of our elected officials for information or to direct assistance.

Invisible Hands Deliver
Free deliveries for the most at-risk community members facing COVID-19.

St. John’s Bread & Life
Wholesome meals and cooking education to our most needy neighbors.

For an updated list of soup kitchens and food pantries by borough follow this link.

Plentiful has a free application for Android phones from which you can find a pantry, manage reservations and get food faster to avoid waiting in line.  If you don’t have an Android phone, text “FOOD” to PANTRY (726-879)


Donate personal protective equipment (PPE) as an individual or a business by visiting this site or calling 833-NYC-0040.

Food and non-medical donations can be made by visiting this site or calling 833-NYC-0040.

Drivers needed!  NYC is recruiting TLC-licensed drivers through DeliveryTLC to help with work related to COVID-19, such as delivering food to older adults.  Drivers will be paid $15 plus costs.


The New York Times reports up to 40% of tenants may have difficulty paying their rent this month.  Advocates recommend that if you are struggling, please communicate openly with your landlord about any loss of income.  You can ask if they are willing to offer any concession or delayed rent payment.  Please only sign agreements you can fulfill.

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer’s Know Your Tenant and Homeowner Rights During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

New York City Housing Authority’s rent hardship policy is available here.

The City has published an overview of options available at this time for those having difficulty paying their rent.

We are keeping an eye on any future legislation that may be passed related to rent obligations.   For potential avenues to advocate, see below.


The North Flatbush Business Improvement District posts an ongoing list of open businesses on its website.  It also has tips for how to support small local businesses and resources for small businesses affected by COVID-19.

For a general list of Prospect Heights businesses that are open and closed, visit  From this site you can also reach Prospect Heights Virtual Tip Jar and Prospect Heights Small Business Relief Fund.

New York City’s assistance and guidance for businesses impacted due to novel coronavirus can be found here.


NYPD Domestic Violence Unit advises when living with an abuser, a plan for safety can be the difference between life and death. While practicing social distancing, consider creating or updating your safety plan.

If you can, always have a phone within reach.

Let friends and neighbors who you trust, know what is going on inside your home.

Remember that there are domestic violence officers in every precinct across the city available to offer you guidance and support.

If you or anyone you know are in an unsafe situation, call 911.


Alternate Side Parking regulations will be suspended citywide until April 14th, 2020. Payment at parking meters will remain in effect throughout the city.


In response to COVID-19, the Housing Justice for All Coalition (HJ4A) is calling for a rent, mortgage and utility suspension.  It is circulating a petition to support its call.  As part of that coalition, Crown Heights Tenants Union holds weekly Thursday night calls to discuss the eviction moratorium, how to fight for a 90-day Rent Suspension, and how to organize buildings during and after the crisis.  For information.

The Metropolitan Council on Housing is a tenants’ rights membership organization made up of New York City tenants.  It’s 24-hour telephone hotline 1- 212-979-0611 is open.

Vocal NY’s advocacy centers on some of the populations most vulnerable to COVID-19, including the homeless, those with drug related problems and the incarcerated.

NPHA’s Upcoming Meeting Schedule

We’ll update these previously scheduled meeting dates as we move forward:

Monday, April 20th (tentative)
Monday, May 18th
Monday, June 15th
Monday, July 13th

Please Support Our Local Businesses!

Branded Saloon Receipt

Prospect Heights is blessed with many wonderful independent businesses.  Let’s keep them going through this challenging time by ordering take out and/or delivery from them.

We especially love the following businesses who have donated generously to our annual summer block party!  Follow the links below to their websites or order from relevant services like Grubhub, Seamless, Caviar, and

We’ll continue to forward information about these and other local businesses moving forward.  If you would like us to help draw attention to any of their efforts, please let us know.

A mutual aid/services group has formed in Prospect Heights and surrounding areas to help those in need.  To volunteer, or to reach out for assistance for yourself or others, fill out this form.

If you have materials or services you would like to donate to support NYS medical services, please fill out this form.


Foodtown / Prospect Heights
Foodtown tells us they are now open for seniors from 7:30 to 8:00 AM.  If you are particularly concerned about checkout, they will wipe it down for you before you proceed. Due to high demand and limited resources, delivery services are reserved for seniors and those most vulnerable.  You can also reach out to the mutual aid group above for assistance.  Foodtown’s tel: 718-783-1887

Alta Calidad

Ample Hills (temporarily closed – sign up for updates)

Branded Saloon



Dean Street Organic

Don Chignon


Fermented Grapes

Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Hungry Ghost discounted gift cards

Joyce’s Bakeshop

Maya Tacqueria

Milk Bar

Mitchell’s Soul Food

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue


Olmsted and Maison Yaki staff disaster relief fund

R& D Foods Brooklyn

Shake Shack

Sofreh Employee Emergency Relief Fund

Sweet Polly Gift Card for Employee Relief

Stocked Brooklyn

Sweet Chick (gift card)

Vanderbilt Wine Merchants

Vanderbilt Wine Exchange

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

As an essential business, Pintchik Hardware at 478 Bergen Street and Flatbush Avenue remains open.  Even though the following non-food service businesses are currently closed, people may still be able to purchase gift certificates through their websites:  Industrious, Seven Bell Fitness, Brooklyn Clay, O.N.A. NYC clothes store,  BKLYN Cycle.