Yes, there are important meetings in July!

Two important issues are coming to a head in the next few weeks!

Those of you who have attended our recent meetings have learned that changes to Atlantic Yards in our neighborhood are under consideration, and that Atlantic Avenue in Prospect Heights, including the McDonald’s lot, is to be up-zoned.

Come to our monthly meeting July 15th to learn more!  And save the dates for two important public meetings: July 16th (Atlantic Yards) and July 23rd (M-Crown).

Please let us know if you can attend any of these meetings by responding to

DATE: Monday, July 15th
TIME: 7pm
LOCATION: 535 Dean Street, ground floor community room

Block Party redux; Woodlands update; Changes to Atlantic Yards including (we speculate enlargements) of two buildings on Dean Street and a reduction in project open space; Up-zonings on Atlantic Avenue including the “McDonald’s” lot.

DATE: Tuesday, July 16th
TIME: 6pm
LOCATION: 55 Hanson Place, ground floor


  1. Proposed Modifications to the Atlantic Yards plans:
    • B5 Design Guidelines Drawings Modification
    • Clarification on Commercial Use on Residential Blocks
    • Project Parking Requirement Reduction (Block 1129)
    • Arena Block Bicycle Parking Reduction
    • Change to Square Footage at Parcels B12 and B15
    • Reduction of the Open Space North-South Walkway Width
    • Ventilation Structures in Open Space
    • Change to Distinctive Architectural Design Element Requirement for B9, B12, and B13
DATE: Tuesday, July 23rd
TIME: 6:30 pm
LOCATION: Downtown Brooklyn Rehab Center (CNR), corner of Classon Avenue and Park Place

CB8 is on track to approve meaningful increases in residential and commercial density for a large area currently zoned M-1 including Atlantic Avenue in Prospect Heights.  The Prospect Heights portion includes the highest density in the M-Crown district.  CB8 also appears to be in support of a significant bonus being given to the “McDonald’s” lot .  This meeting is to discuss “physical environment aspects within 1/2 mile of the area to be rezoned, such as sidewalks, basic infrastructure, parks….”


What’s Next for Atlantic Yards?

Date:   Monday, June 17th
Time:   7-9pm
Location:   Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, 85 South Oxford Street
  • Why is Atlantic Yards in the news again?

  • What is the timeline for additional affordable housing?

  • When do we get the “Park” in Pacific Park?

  • Who is in charge of Atlantic Yards now?

  • How can the community have input on this project?

The future of Atlantic Yards (Pacific Park), always uncertain, is again in question, and the developers are interested in shifting potentially more than one million square feet of building space to another location in the project. They will need permission, so for the first time in years, our community may have a real chance to help shape this massive project.

The Fort Greene Association, Boerum Hill Association, North Flatbush BID, and the North Prospect Heights Association will cohost a panel discussion featuring speakers with insights into the origins, present and future of this long-running project. We will also discuss how the community can participate– because change means opportunity, and it is up to us to get involved.

NPHA May Meeting

When: Monday, May 20th at 7:00 pm
Where: Newswalk, (535 Dean Street, community room, ground floor).
Purpose: Our priorities for our new and growing community.  Committee Updates.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this meeting and give their input!  If you have ideas for agenda items, please email them to

Congratulations to the Sanitation Committee for their successful clean up of Bergen Street!  At this meeting they will discuss next steps.  The Livable Streets Committee (including Transportation) will discuss neighborhood hotspots. The Community Development and Planning Committee will discuss HPD Lots, the potential up-zoning of Atlantic Avenue and Atlantic Yards / Pacific Park.  There also will be updates about the North Prospect Heights festival and our association’s communication needs.

If you are interested in a committee, but can’t make the meeting, please let us know!  All of our committees have google groups you can join to share ideas with your neighbors.  If you would like to be added to a google group, please email us at

NPHA March Monthly Meeting

When: Monday, March 18th at 7:30pm
Where: Newswalk, (535 Dean Street, community room, ground floor).
Purpose: Meet our new board officers, discuss our committees and the future of our association.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this meeting and give their input!  If you have ideas for agenda items, please email them to

We have a large board of thirteen individuals spread geographically throughout our catchment area.  Our new board officers are:

Co-Presidents: Cathy Iselin and Elaine Weinstein
Vice President: Linda Wilson
Co-Secretaries: Sharlene Dantzler and Lynette Fields
Treasurer: Alyssa Keil

At this meeting we will discuss our new Communications and Community Development/Planning Committees as well as our existing Transportation and Sanitation Committees. We will give community updates and discuss expanding the association further.

Our association creates and maintains a platform for our neighborhood to discuss and debate community issues. We advocate on our neighborhood’s behalf through transparent communication and collaboration.

Next Steps for North Prospect Heights Association!

We are just getting started with our new geographic catchment area.  If you are interested in what we do, or live nearby and want to learn more, please email us at or attend one of our monthly public meetings.

We meet in the ground floor community room in the Newswalk Building at 535 Dean Street at 7:30 PM. The schedule we anticipate for the next year follows:

  1. Monday, March 18th
  2. Monday, April 15th 
  3. Monday, May 20th 
  4. Monday, June 17th 
  5. Monday, July 15th
  6. [no August meeting]
  7. Monday, September 16th 
  8. Monday, October 21st
  9. Monday, November 18th
  10. Monday, December 9th 


Dean Street Block Association is now North Prospect Heights Association!

We are happy to announce that after a nearly year long process of outreach, meetings and signature-gathering, Dean Street Block Association has voted to expand into the North Prospect Heights Association. A BIG thank you to all those who helped make this happen! We are now excited to start the next phase as an organization, which is to choose a board and continue our outreach.

Along with the name change, the number of board members was increased “up to 15” people, and the geographic parameters of the organization were expanded.

  • Southern boundary: St. Marks from Flatbush Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue
  • Northern boundary: Atlantic Avenue from Flatbush Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue
  • Western boundary: Flatbush Avenue from St. Marks Avenue to Atlantic Avenue
  • Eastern boundary: Vanderbilt Avenue from St. Marks Avenue to Atlantic Avenue
    The geographic boundaries will define eligibility for board membership and membership of the organization generally.

Our monthly public meetings will continue, typically on the third Monday of the month. We encourage everyone to come, check us out, and give input. You can also give us input via this link:

Board elections will take place on Monday, February 25th. If you are interested in serving on our board, (there’s no experience necessary!), please let us know by sending an email to!