Prospect Heights Gets Scrubbed!

Residents pitch in to clean Pacific Street.

A very big thank you to all the residents and businesses who worked to make our second Prospect Heights Community Clean Up Day such a success!  

In addition to the many neighbors who cleaned their blocks, at least 125 organized volunteers worked to clean a wide range of targeted areas in Prospect Heights.  The volunteers collected approximately 135 BAGS of garbage.  

Let’s keep up the cooperative efforts!  

The clean up day was co-sponsored by Carlton Avenue Association, Cultural Row Block Association, Friends of the Berms, Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid, North Flatbush Business Improvement District, North Prospect Heights Association, Park Place between Carlton and Vanderbilt Block Association, Park Place / Underhill Block Association, Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council, Plaza Street Block Association, Prospect Heights Community Farm, Prospect Place Block Association, and St. Marks Avenue Prospect Heights Community Garden.  

We’d especially like to thank Detective Brian Laffey and P.O. Brian Ferguson from 78th Precinct Community Affairs, the 78th Precinct Explorers, Daniela Adams from Chick-fil-A, and the Department of Sanitation (DSNY) for all of their efforts.  

The photos below show the clean up in five target areas in Prospect Heights: the 78th Precinct self-enforcement zone/Pacific Park construction area; Vanderbilt Avenue; the Park Place/Carlton Avenue intersection, Underhilll Playground, and the southern Underhill Avenue environs.

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