NPHA’s November meeting

Come and meet your new State representatives-elect and/or staff.  Jabari Brisport, State Senator-elect for our State Senate district and Phara Souffant Forrest, State Assembly Member-elect for our State Assembly district are invited.

Important information about the proposal by NYC Housing, Preservation and Development (HPD) to build affordable senior housing on Dean and Bergen Streets will be discussed.  

We support the creation of deeply affordable senior housing.  

However, we believe that, without proper community input, this project may open our already-crowded neighborhood to additional large-scale redevelopment and displacement of current residents.  

Your awareness of the proposed development, including the potential physical changes and challenges to our existing infrastructure, will be critical to ongoing discussion with HPD and the Department of City Planning and Community Board 8 about the shape of this development. 

1).  NPHA’s November Monthly Meeting
Nov. 16th at 7:00pm to 8:00pm, online meeting

Agenda:  Meet our new state representatives and/or their staff, HPD Lots, COVID preparations, Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Meeting 

What else would you like us to discuss?  Please reach out to us at

2).  HPD’s Urban Design Workshop
Nov 18, 6:30pm to 8:30pm  online meeting

Please RSVP ASAP!  Attendance for HPD’s workshop will be capped at 75 people.  If they cannot accommodate all interest they will host the same meeting again on December 2nd.

The purpose of this online public meeting is to gain a better understanding of this community’s vision for how the site will best benefit its future residents and the community as a whole. Facilitated through a series of activities and discussions, participants will be asked to give their feedback on the non-residential uses, affordability and design features they feel should included in these project.