NPHA’s August Monthly Meeting

Please join us for our monthly meeting to discuss the future of NPHA. We want to hear from you as we embark on a new phase.

We started less than 2 years ago, with a mission to focus on how our community can more effectively respond to the burgeoning development that impacts our day-to-day lives. In meeting together for the first year, we realized that there are many more issues that neighbors want to discuss. And, of course, this year has been a difficult one for many of us, as we have lost jobs, loved ones, and habits that gave us life and kept us busy. For some of us, the space has created a re-envisioning of our lives, priorities, and needs. While we have been isolated from our usual routines and loved ones because of the pandemic, we have also seen a heartening display of community connections in our Mutual Aid groups and meetings, Open Streets, and protests.

We have spent the last two months in joint conversation with the GPHMA group to discuss race and policing in our neighborhood. We would like to continue those discussions. We would also like to hear more from you about what you would like NPHA to focus on.

  • What needs do you have that you would like to be addressed?
  • What conversations do you think should take place in our neighborhood?
  • How can we more effectively get to know one another? Especially now?
  • How can we more effectively connect and communicate with one another? 

Perhaps you’d like to join the Board or an existing committee, start and lead a new committee, our share your talents and skills.   Perhaps you’d like to lead fun neighborhood activities. Bring your ideas and invite a neighbor!  This is your community too and we value your input.  Feel free to simply attend the general membership and become informed.  More importantly, all are welcome!

Please join us Monday, August 17th at 7 PM as we initiate these discussions and talk about North Prospect Heights Association’s future.

The North Prospect Heights Association Board:

Alyssa Keil, Interim Co-President
Linda Wilson, Interim Co-President
Sharlene Dantzler, Co-Secretary
Lynette Field, Co-Secretary
Louis Galdieri
Cathy Iselin
Peter Krashes
Donald Matheson
Susan Marcus
Robert Puca
Elaine Weinstein

To join our August 17th meeting please REGISTER HERE