Maya Wiley joins our conversation Thursday

This week, together with Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Group, we will continue with our series on race and policing with Maya Wiley, MSNBC Legal Analyst, SVP for Social Justice at The New School, and former Chair of NYC’s Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB).

Date:  Thursday, July 30 @ 8 PM
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Please join us for our monthly meeting Monday, July 20th!

Join us to discuss the challenges tenants face, and major changes to the neighborhood that are about to enter public processes.  We’ll also provide an update on our ongoing discussion about race and the police which we co-sponsor with the Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Group.

As always, our monthly meetings are open and public, and we welcome input into our agenda.  Please reach out to us with any suggestions.

Are you having trouble making rent? Are you worried that you are facing eviction?  Are you wondering what your rights as a tenant are?

New York State’s moratorium on evictions is being modified and narrowed.  On July 27th, Brooklyn housing court is preparing to resume in-person eviction cases for those pending cases that were filed before March 16.

Because of the COVID Rent Relief Program, for a window in time, tenants can find help with their rent.

We’ll discuss the current status of the moratorium, the COVID Rent Relief Program, and rights for tenants generally.

Our weekly conversation about race and the police co-sponsored with the Greater Prospect Heights Mutual Aid Group is ongoing.  

Our conversations will continue to take place on Thursday nights.  What topics do you think need to be addressed?

Notes on previous conversations can be found here:

Mayor de Blasio has announced that New York City will resume its review processes for zoning changes.  And HPD’s development of lots on Dean and Bergen,  and the up-zoning of northern Prospect Heights and Crown Heights called M-Crown are both going to proceed through these processes soon.

NYC Housing Preservation and Development, (HPD), has told us they will begin community outreach in August, and that they plan to pursue zoning changes with one lot including a minimum of 80 senior housing units, or roughly twice what is currently allowable in one lot with current zoning. There will be community facilities and services in both lots.  They’ve asked us to work with them on community outreach.

We’ll share what we know about HPD’s plans, how they fit with the principles  we adopted several years ago, and discuss our next steps.

We’ll also provide an update about M-Crown.  In Prospect Heights M-Crown will lead to the upzoning of Atlantic Avenue including the McDonald’s lot (+).  M-Crown will lead to the greatest changes in Prospect Heights since Atlantic Yards.

Both M-Crown and the HPD lots are located in North Prospect Heights.

NPHA  July Meeting

Date:  Monday, July 20 @ 7 PM
Registration Link (Zoom)Agenda:  Tenants: rent and evictions; Update on our conversation about race and the police; Community Development Committee reports on HPD, M-Crown and Atlantic Yards; Rodent update

Please register in advance to ensure a prompt start.  NPHA’s monthly general meetings are always open to the public.  Along with our email distributions, we share information within the association via SLACK.

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Atlantic Yards Quality of Life Meeting

Date: Tuesday, July 21 @ 6 PM
Access Link:
Dial In: +16465588656,,95410211649# 
Meeting ID: 95410211649Agenda:
1).  Empire State Development (ESD)
2).  Atlantic Yards Community Development Corp, (AYCDC)
3).  Barclays Center
4).  Greenland Forest City Partners

Note:  This meeting is run by Empire State Development.  If the meeting is run as previously, questions must be submitted in writing in advance or during the meeting itself.  NPHA will submit questions.  Please let us know at if you have concerns or questions you want addressed.