November 18th Public Meeting

NPHA’s next monthly public meeting is Monday, November 18th at 7:30 pm.  It will be located at 535 Dean Street in the community room on the lobby floor.

We’ll discuss Atlantic Yards / Pacific Park, including updates about the partial closure of the 535 Carlton Avenue open space, a potential art installation on a construction fence on Dean, and the status of the overall plans.

Also on our radar: potential zoning changes which may make our neighborhood considerably more dense on Atlantic Avenue, including the area in which McDonald’s is located.

We’ll also update the community about a potential extension on 93 St. Marks and a liquor license at 570 Vanderbilt.

What should we do for the holidays? Come, give your input and learn more!

Please mark your calendars. See you all then!

DATE: Monday, November 18th
TIME: 7:30pm
LOCATION: 535 Dean Street, (Newswalk), ground floor community room
AGENDA: Atlantic Yards / Pacific Park; potential zoning changes that will shape our neighborhood permanently; NPHA’s holiday plans, and other neighborhood updates.

Please reach out to us at if you have ideas for this meeting, or our association generally.  We look forward to seeing you!