NPHA March Monthly Meeting

When: Monday, March 18th at 7:30pm
Where: Newswalk, (535 Dean Street, community room, ground floor).
Purpose: Meet our new board officers, discuss our committees and the future of our association.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this meeting and give their input!  If you have ideas for agenda items, please email them to

We have a large board of thirteen individuals spread geographically throughout our catchment area.  Our new board officers are:

Co-Presidents: Cathy Iselin and Elaine Weinstein
Vice President: Linda Wilson
Co-Secretaries: Sharlene Dantzler and Lynette Fields
Treasurer: Alyssa Keil

At this meeting we will discuss our new Communications and Community Development/Planning Committees as well as our existing Transportation and Sanitation Committees. We will give community updates and discuss expanding the association further.

Our association creates and maintains a platform for our neighborhood to discuss and debate community issues. We advocate on our neighborhood’s behalf through transparent communication and collaboration.

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