Special Meeting Notice

Time and Place: Monday, January 28th at 7:30 in Newswalk, (535 Dean Street, community room, ground floor).
Purpose: To vote on expanding Dean Street Block Association, 6th Avenue to Vanderbilt’s geographic parameters, and a name change to the North Prospect Heights Association, (NPHA).
Eligibility: We encourage everyone within the geographic parameters below to attend this meeting and give their input.  All members in good standing of the Dean Street Block Association will be eligible to vote. Your eligibility can be found here.
At this meeting you will be asked to vote on the following:
1) To change the name of Dean Street Block Association, 6th Avenue to Vanderbilt to North Prospect Heights Association.
2) To define the geographic parameters of the organization to:
  • Southern boundary: St. Marks from Flatbush Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue
  • Northern boundary: Atlantic Avenue from Flatbush Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue
  • Western boundary: Flatbush Avenue from St. Marks Avenue to Atlantic Avenue
  • Eastern boundary: Vanderbilt Avenue from St. Marks Avenue to Atlantic Avenue
    The geographic boundaries will define eligibility for board membership and membership of the organization generally.
3) To change the number of board members so that “up to 15” people can serve on the board.


We are asking stakeholders in our area of Prospect Heights to support our vision of a single organization for the area.  We think a single organization rather than a loose confederation will more strongly advocate for our shared community issues.

This is a special area with shared issues. We have a history of working together successfully.  Among the issues we have worked together productively to address recently are rodent problems, and the HPD lots located on Dean and Bergen Streets and abutting residents’ homes on St. Marks.

This potential expansion has been discussed at each of our monthly public meetings for a year.  We have held well-advertised and attended public meetings on St. Marks Avenue, Bergen Street and Dean Street for this purpose. We have collected numerous signatures on a letter of support and provided notice of this discussion on our website. We have also formed a working group comprised of residents on nearly every block increment included in our expansion.  At each meeting strong and consistent support for this idea has been expressed. We are dedicated to transparency, local accountability and participation.

Next Steps:

At our Monday, February 25th annual meeting we will elect a new board.  If you have interest in serving on this board, or questions about the meeting January 28th, please let us know by sending an email to northprospectheightsassoc@gmail.com!