Barclays Center Arena Satellite Uplink Parking Lot

A “satellite uplink parking lot” for Barclays Center is to be located at the corner of 6th Avenue and Dean Street.  Tricia Martin of WE Design has put together the following short-term proposal until a better permanent location for the lot is identified.


26.6% of the land in New York City is made up of public streets and sidewalks.  Incredible opportunity exists to envision these narrow spaces as places of engagement and not just as conveyor belts for car and people.

The proposed vision for a sidewalk design at the corner of 6th avenue and Dean street demonstrates that even small interventions can serve an important purpose while beautifying our neighborhoods.  The proposal includes colorful planters with season plantings, a high-quality metal fence and some street trees.

Directly across the street from this rendering on 6th Avenue a new plaza is proposed for the Atlantic Yards Barclays Center Arena.  By adding a couple of benches and some planters the street is now captured by flanking public spaces providing a social amenity to the community.

Placemaking can be simple.  The simple addition of a bench invites a mother and child to sit and watch their surroundings, creates a safer street environment for residents and visitors to the arena, and provides welcoming color and green to our urban environment.


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