Monthly Meeting – October 17 – 7:30PM

Held every 3rd Monday of the month except holidays

TIME:       Monday, Oct. 17th, 7:30 – 9:00 pm
PLACE:    638 Dean Street

What’s coming with the opening of the arena?  When do we find out specifics?  Next steps?

  • 1100 arena patron parking spaces between Dean and Pacific Streets and Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues?
  • 3,000 arena-related pedestrians or more on Dean and/or Pacific Street sidewalks and crosswalks?
  • Intersection delays during arena events? (ex:  8 minutes at Dean and Carlton)
  • Emergency and security plans for residents and arena patrons?
  • Residential Parking Permits?   
  • Changes to police precincts?
  • More bars and restaurants?
  • Additional sanitation, air quality and noise impacts?



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