Artist seeks materials for Soapbox Gallery exhibit


KINDLY LOAN ME … for 10 days ( from May 28 to June 8 ) … an artifact, piece of furniture, photograph, poem, story, sign, or any product that reflects your experience pre and post NETS neighborhood construction …. for the window of Soapbox Gallery, Brooklyn.

I am an artist who was invited to exhibit in “Kickin It”, a six-week series of community engagement events starting April 30 and running every Saturday & Sunday (mid day-eve) through June 23. The success of my work depends upon collecting objects, which will get incorporated into a new artwork for the window.

I want the Soapbox space to be perceived as a public, live, and thriving material archive, reliquary, and or shrine. At the end of my exhibition, all loaned items will be returned to their rightful owners. Your work will be documented and you will be credited in an online archive.

If you are interested, please contact ASAP Elaine Angelopoulos:

Soapbox Gallery is located at 636 Dean Street, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Visit on the web at


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