Details on implementation plan provided by DOT

Some Details on implementation plan provided by DOT

Below is a link to an implementation plan provided to Prospect Heights Neighborhood Development Council from the Department of Transportation Atlantic Yards street closures. This is a draft prepared by Sam Schwartz Engineering, the traffic consultants for Forest City Ratner. Included in the plan are the mitigations for the street changes.

Construction delays for the project will make some temporary conditions last longer. Some examples:

-The 77th Precinct will be given twenty-four temporary surface parking spaces in two places in the second phase footprint. They will become permanent underground spaces when and if building #15 is built.

-Norman Oder reports today that DOT says the Carlton Avenue bridge is anticipated to be reopened just before the arena in 2012. That means the bridge may be closed as much as four years. It was originally anticipated to be closed for eight months. The bridge closure will necessitate Carlton Avenue between Pacific and 6th being turned into a 2-way and will include the temporary loss of street side parking there as well as the routing of Pacific Street traffic on to Carlton Avenue and Dean Street.

Please come to the Dean Street Block Association’s general meeting on Monday the 18th for more details and a discussion of the next steps.

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