Important Meeting- Monday, July 20th at 7:30 – Spread the word!

Learn what you can do for the upcoming public hearings on Atlantic Yards – join us!

When: Monday, July 20th at 7:30-9:00

Where: 535 Dean Street #313 (Newswalk)

The Atlantic Yards Project is about to proceed through a set of important hearings and new approvals.  What is Atlantic Yards now? The city, the state and the MTA have changed the structure of their agreements with Forest City Ratner so that the only parts of the project guaranteed to happen are an arena designed by an architecture firm from Kansas City and the start of two more buildings within five years of the vacant property being delivered to the developer.  As of this moment no official illustrations of the site plan of the project exist.  With the exception of the addition of some interim open space, images produced last year show the most likely outcome in our lifetimes:

The state continues to argue the project will be built in full, although they concede it will take decades.  No independent feasibility studies of the project have been released to the public, and nothing obligates the developer to cover the remaining 2/3 of the rail yard, build underground parking, create the lion’s share of the affordable housing or create any permanent public outdoor space. The environmental analysis of the project still assumes a ten year timetable to full build out and no additional impacts, even though we will almost certainly live within an incomplete or abandoned project for decades.

Please attend this very important meeting to discuss the concrete things each of us can do for our community.

Also to be discussed:  Dean Playground reopening now delayed until mid-October.

Your Input Is Essential – Please Invite Your Neighbors

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